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In January 2020, Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) joined the Ministry of Labour’s Khidmet Watan program as a training provider.
At HTU, Khidmet Watan trainees undergo more than 300 hours of technical, soft skills, and English language applied training that prepares them for career success in Industrial Automation, Construction Technology, Automotive Technology, Renewable Energy, and ICT. The trainees were selected from more than 1,000 applicants who have completed face-to-face interviews, English language tests, and one-month military training (males only). They are holders of bachelor’s degrees in relevant Engineering disciplines from all Jordanian universities who are job seekers.
Training started in February 2020 at the HTU campus in King Hussein Business Park. The training was interrupted for 5 weeks due to the corona virus lockdown, and resumed on April 19 through synchronous, video sessions and on-campus interaction.

100 training hours of English language

180 training hours of technical

60 training hours of soft skills

The training curricula were designed by HTU faculty mentors who supervised the entire upskilling process and was conducted by renowned industry experts. At the end of the training, trainees delivered a capstone project which they presented to a panel and accordingly earned their certificate of completion.
For detailed information about each technical track and to view candidate CVs, please click on the links below.