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About Us

The Presidency Department is the bridge between the University Presidency and all faculties, deanships, units, administrative and technical departments, and centers, as well as with external parties inside and outside Jordan.

The department's tasks include the following:

Preparing official books, internal circulars, notes, and e-mails issued by the university president to internal and external bodies, archiving and keeping them in digital and physical files.
Receiving the incoming mail, sorting, classifying, and presenting it to the president, and preparing and sending the appropriate responses to the incoming mail according to the president's explanations.
Answering the inquiries of auditors and students and arranging the reception and visits of guests in coordination with the Department of Public Relations and Information.
Following up on all correspondence, communication, electronic and paper transactions issued by the presidency to ensure that decisions and actions required to be implemented within the specified times and dates are taken.
Following up procedures and processing information related to the activities of the presidency, conferences, events, internal and external meetings, and signing agreements.
Keeping and archiving documents, reports, agreements and records of the presidency or councils.
Following up on matters related to the President's office, in coordination with the concerned departments.