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From its inception, Al-Hussein Technical University has centered on an integrated educational model that targets the social and economic needs of the country. We have adopted a praxis approach which permits students to experience technical theories, learned in the classroom, through apprenticeship. Technical skills and their theoretical unpinning are only a part of the student’s journey. The School of Social and Basic Sciences ensures that students equally develop their skills and talents in leadership and interpersonal communication, by focusing on the cultural, social, and economic aspects of being a professional in today’s global market. Thus, HTU focuses on the whole student as an active member of society, recognizing that individuals must possess both technical and soft skills for success in their professional and personal lives.

The School of Social and Basic Sciences offers courses in soft skills, economics, accounting, mathematics, history and civilization, human rights, physics, entrepreneurship, and languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, and Turkish, among others. These courses aim to support students’ acquisition of the tools necessary to be competitive in an evolving, global workplace. SSBS regularly adds new courses in these and other disciplines in order to continually reflect market and societal needs and expectations. Embracing the importance of quality control and continuous quality improvement, SSBS incorporates evidenced-based best practices in its teaching methods, as well as the use of current technology and applications as effective tools for content delivery. This closely aligns with the university’s philosophy of learning by doing.


Working with collaborators in the United States, the United Kingdom, Morocco, Spain, France, Sweden, among other countries, SSBS faculty members are engaged in research focusing on the application of technology in education. These joint research projects provide HTU students with rare opportunities to participate in academic activities that are not likely elsewhere.

SSBS Mission

Develop the professional skills of students to keep pace with the needs and requirements of labor markets.

SSBS Vision

To prepare students to engage and participate effectively in the labor market by providing distinguished and dynamic academic and practical programs and courses capable of developing students’ professional and entrepreneurial skills and enriching their social and cultural character.

The School of Social and Basic Sciences also offers programs in entrepreneurship; and, the Bootcamp program refines students’ skills in leadership, creativity, innovation, and in establishing their own projects.

This unique program empowers students with the ability to launch their own businesses and to practice entrepreneurship in a competitive academic environment.

Why Study Here?

We seek students who are ready to learn by doing, ask challenging questions, make high-impact contributions, and want to prepare for leadership and entrepreneurship. Apply at HTU if you have the commitment, responsibility and eagerness to continue to discover, create, serve, lead, and exemplify our goals and to offer inspiration to future generations of HTU engineers.

To become one of our leading students and future engineers, take a few minutes and complete the registration application or pass by the campus to meet our expert instructors to learn more.