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The School of Engineering Technology is a pioneering school that adopts all aspects of STEM-based education, and provides high-quality technical education based on creativity, innovation and scientific research and enhances the pioneering and leadership capabilities of students.

The School of Engineering Technology aims to be a great environment that fosters inter-personal character with great emphasis on technical critical connections. We aim to be a world-class applied engineering school in the heart of KHBP. The campus is supportive that and aims to harness technical and innovative businesses. This will target various entrepreneurs from different backgrounds. The School of Engineering Technology applies a strict ethical standard for its services and teaching.


The School of Engineering Technology includes three academic departments: The Department of Electrical Engineering, The Department of Mechanical Engineering, and The Department of Energy Engineering, which offer academic programs at three levels of academic qualifications: a bachelor’s degree, a technical degree (technical engineer), and a technician's degree (technician). This is all done while considering the general requirements of the labor market in the twenty-first century at the local, regional and international levels, which enables graduates to compete for various job opportunities in different fields. The school also includes more than 20 laboratories and industrial workshops that allow students to learn a large variety of manufacturing and installation processes.

SET Mission

Adopting an innovative strategy to enhance the delivery of quality of engineering education services by addressing the mismatch between the skill sets of youth and labor market needs and enabling sustainable environments to promote practice oriented education focusing on knowledge, skills and personal competencies.

SET Vision

To become the leading school of Engineering Technology by providing affordable, relevant, flexible, and adaptive educational programs that match the needs of the local and international markets and the inspiration of Jordanian youth.

Why Study Here?

If you are a prospective student, ready to learn by doing, ask challenging questions, make high-impact contributions, and prepare for leadership and entrepreneurship. If you have the commitment, responsibility and eagerness to continue to discover, create, serve, and lead, you exemplify our goals and offer inspiration to future generations of HTU engineers.

To become one of our leading students and future engineers, take a few minutes and fill the registration application or pass by us to meet with our expert instructors to learn more.