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President's Message

Welcome to Al Hussein Technical University (HTU), your home institution for the next few years. I hope our campus and curricula will broaden your horizons and inspire innovation in every class, lab, and workshop. I encourage you to excel, ask questions, and above all, make mistakes—it is through your missteps that you will learn the most. Higher education is an opportunity to develop your intellectual, professional, and personal character. I challenge you to keep an open mind and value others’ opinions; allow your beliefs to be challenged, for discomfort fosters growth. More importantly, I urge you to measure your achievements here at HTU based on academic integrity, diligence and hard work, respect for yourself and others, and commitment to learning.

HTU will provide you with an array of unique opportunities to support your success: a rigorous STEM curriculum, industry-based learning, entrepreneurial skills training, an immersive English program, and soft skills preparation. I challenge you to take full advantage of these resources. The time you spend at HTU will be invaluable to building your competency and enhancing your employability. I hope you will seize every opportunity to participate actively in the many activities offered here at HTU. Practical knowledge will usher you through your career and help you cultivate a productive, fulfilling, and meaningful life.

We have the highest hopes for your time at HTU and beyond as you prepare to enter the professional arena as a highly skilled engineer. College education is a privilege that opens the door to many prospects and allows you to transform your life and the lives of others. I trust you will acknowledge and uphold your obligation to serve as a responsible citizen with the potential to shape and advance our society.

I wish you a successful and productive academic year and look forward to seeing you on campus. Sincerely,

Prof. Ismael Hinti