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Mechanical Engineering

In the department of Mechanical Engineering (M.E.), we are in a constant look of the highest quality practical industrial partnerships and educational delivery. The three degrees offered within the department are specifically tailored for the dynamic regional and international markets. Our faculty members boast a rich combination of academic and research experience to help you achieve professional growth while maintaining the learning outcomes.

The M.E. department offers two levels of technical qualifications, which exceptional-performing students can elect to progress to a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, after a successful completion of 166 credit hours. All the offered programs meet or exceed the competent local educational standards as well as the international program (Pearson), one of the largest educational authorities in the United Kingdom (UK).

Throughout our programs, we offer a wide variety of courses and workshops. These are fueled by the local, regional, and global market needs – inspired by the fields in the 4.0 industrial revolution (4IR). These fields include Aerospace Sciences, Agricultural, Automotive, Biomedical, Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Material Sciences, and Power Generation.

Laboratories and workshops in the M.E. department are equipped with state-of-the-art practical equipment and technologies. These include, but are not limited to: Material resistance lab, mechanical vibrations lab, thermodynamics lab, fluid mechanics lab, heat transfer lab, manufacturing lab, modeling, and simulation lab, in addition to the engineering workshops.

The department is driven by creative academic staff, who are all qualified with global academic and practical experiences in various fields of Mechanical Engineering such as: Aerospace sciences, applied dynamics, heat transfer, materials and manufacturing, thermodynamics, and other fields branch from it.

For multiple years in a row, our students have a 100% practical training employment rate both locally and internationally. Moreover, students are often engaged in exceptional events and student clubs to enrich their academic experience while being tenured at HTU.


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Prof. Moh'd Sami Ashhab


  • Dr. Husam Zawati

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Feras Kafiah

    Assistant Professor

  • Dr. Ahmad Bani Younes

  • Dr. Heba Alzaben

    Assistant professor

  • Eng. Mumtaz Abdair

  • Eng. Izzeldeen Manasra

  • Eng. Ahmad Al-Qawasmi

  • Eng. Abdelrahman Irbai

  • Eng. Veellage Quran

  • Eng. Walid Sunjuq

  • Eng. Yousef Okour

  • Eng. Montaser Al-Momani

  • Eng. Ahmad Al-Asaf