The National Upskilling Programme, was launched in January 2019 in collaboration with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MoDEE) and in partnership with the private sector, aims at training 1000 job-seeking university graduates in Engineering and ICT in order to contribute to the talent pool of the IT sector in Jordan.
This project aims to improve the skills of unemployed Jordanian ICT and engineering graduates and support them with employment opportunities. The training serves the industry by creating a talent pipeline in skill-scarce fields. The project technical components are demand-driven and co-delivered with industrial partners.
500 students will be trained through the first phase of the programme ending January 2020.
Each student spends 3 months training at HTU. That is the equivalent of 300 contact hours divided into 180 technical hours, 100 English language, and 60 soft skills. The selection of the technical components was based on industry focus groups. The technical components will continue to change as per industry demand.
The objective at the end of the training is to transform the students into value-adding members in the private sector and create a talent pipeline that meets the requirements of the industry.

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