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Energy Engineering

The energy engineering program focuses on energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance, and alternative energy technologies. The program combines knowledge from the fields of electrical, mechanical, and thermal engineering with sound economic and environmental engineering practices.

Our goal is to provide our students with skills to develop innovative energy engineering solutions that are technically sound, feasible and economically viable. This can be accomplished by employing highly qualified faculty members, establishing modern laboratories, and developing flexible study plans. This is to be consistent with the needs of industry and the local market in Jordan, as well as to comply with global market trends.

In addition to the university's philosophy of project-based assignments, we encourage our students to engage in extra-curricular activities such as students’ projects and research projects supervised by our faculty. Additionally, we aim to provide our students with industry-recognized certifications by integrating the knowledge needed to earn certifications into our various course materials.
These activities and certifications are designed to give our students added value and a competitive advantage in the job market and employment. The Department of Energy is constantly looking for highly qualified and talented Ph.D. faculty, as well as candidates with a broad industrial background to serve as a practicing professor.

This is key to the Energy Department's success, ensuring that our students benefit from hands-on and real industrial experience in their classrooms and projects. All the above aims to ensure that our students meet the requirements of the university upon graduation. The program qualifications offered by the department are accredited both locally and internationally by Pearson.


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Hamza Alnawafah

    Assistant Instructor

  • Dr. Emad Abd Alsalam

  • Prof. Ismael Hinti

  • Eng. Haya Al-Tabal

  • Eng. Ahmad Azzam

  • Eng. Radi Al-rashed

  • Eng. Laith Abu-omer