Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The Cybersecurity Program prepares students to assess computer and network system security needs, recommend safeguard solutions and manage the implementation of security devices. Students will gain advanced skills to protect the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of data, preserve and restore systems, and develop risk management skills to anticipate and avoid cyber threats.

The program emphasizes project-based courses designed to provide students with the conceptual and technical background necessary to secure jobs in cybersecurity and related areas.

HTU offers students current high demand technology topics in this field, including Network and System Defense, Ethical hacking and system penetration, Cryptology and Digital forensics, and Professional Ethics. HTU provides both classroom experience as well as practical experience through internship opportunities, industrial partnership, and high tech in-campus labs. The curriculum is flexible enough to cope with the pace of evolving technology, allowing the fulfillment of global industrial demands.

Job Roles

Technical Degree Graduates:

Cybersecurity Technician
Security Administrator
Security Risk Assessor
Vulnerability Assessor
Penetration Tester
Cybersecurity Analyst

Vulnerability Analyst
Cybersecurity Auditor
Incident Analyst / Responder
Cybersecurity Trainer
Cybersecurity Systems Designer

Bachelor Degree Graduate:
In Addition to the previous degree job roles:

Cybersecurity Architect
Cybersecurity Manager/Administrator
Penetration Tester
Cybersecurity Forensic Specialist

Security Consultant
Security Software Developer
Cybersecurity Specialist
Intrusion Detection Specialist
Information Security Officer


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


  • Dr. Eyad Taqieddin


  • Dr. Huthaifa Al-Omari

    Assistant Professor

  • Eng. Moath Sulaiman

    Professor of Practice

  • Eng. Hebah Al-Dahoud

    Assistant Instructor

  • Eng. Elham Derbas