Industrial links are at the core of HTU’s strategy. It is the University’s aim to build and maintain strong interaction with the relevant sectors both locally and internationally so that the campus programs remain focused on the employer’s needs.

The Office to Links to Industry & International Cooperation is responsible for facilitating the relationship between the University and the external partners, which is achieved through:

1. Outreach to the business community.
2. Coordination with the relevant governmental entities.
3. Cooperation with local and international academic institutions.
4. Collaboration with the NGO’s and civil society organizations.

The Office serves the following core functions:

1. Student Employability:
Apprenticeship is an integral part of the learner journey at HTU. The Office helps students secure apprenticeship placement at local and international employers.
The Office also creates opportunities for students to be involved in projects with industrial partners during their study to facilitate student recruitment upon graduation.

2. Programmatic Support:

HTU’s dynamic programs are designed to meet the industry’s requirements. The Office of Links to Industry & International Cooperation creates platforms that engage industrial experts through hosting guest lecturers, forming industrial advisory groups, and performing sector skill surveys to gauge industry needs.

3. Global Outreach

The Office seeks financial and advice opportunities for international peer-to-peer academic and government partnerships and student and staff mobility that serve HTU’s academic and applied research priorities.

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