Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Program aims to provide the market with individuals who are fully aware of the impact of civil engineering profession on both the built and the natural environment. Our students believe in their vital role and big responsibility towards creating well designed and well-functioning buildings, transportation systems, roads network and water systems, not only during the construction stage but in every stage of the project life cycle. The civil engineering curriculum is carefully developed to meet the rapidly changing needs of the construction industry, which comes as a natural consequence to the growing urban communities.

The program includes three pathways: General Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Infrastructure Engineering. The students are engaged with professional scenarios targeting real challenges to train them on suggesting innovative and sustainable solutions based on the latest technologies. The courses are designed to provide the students not only with the technical skills and academic knowledge, but also with very strong personal and soft skills to create future leaders in the civil engineering profession


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Ma'en AbdelJaber

  • Dr. Lina Shbeeb

  • Eng. Mariam Al-Azzeh

  • Eng. Katrin Marji

  • Eng. Osama Shatara

  • Eng. Zaid AbdelKhaleq

  • Eng. Baraa AbuAdas