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About Us

The Center of E-Learning was established in 2020 in response to the rapid developments resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, and to adopt E-learning as a strategic option in the future, which aims to lead and develop high quality of E-learning and teaching efforts to ensure the gradual transition to e-learning at the university through the following:

Preparing short and long-term plans to convert courses and programs to E-learning.

Develop models for designing educational content and identifying standards and priorities for content development.

Identify and develop appropriate assessment tools and methodologies.

Develop quality assurance policies and best practice guides.

Determining the infrastructure and resource requirements and submitting recommendations to the Center's Council.

Providing support and training to faculty members with regard to educational content, presentation and assessment techniques, education management methods, and E-learning.

Building and sustaining partnerships with universities, public and private institutions, and E-learning platforms at the local and international (global) levels.

Preparing the budget required to carry out the required tasks and activities.

Planning and executing marketing and awareness activities.

Achievements and Activities:

Developing models for designing educational content and determining criteria for evaluating electronic content.

Create a training plan for faculty members on the design of E-learning materials.

Establishing educational studios aimed at filming lectures in a professional and high-quality manner.

Participating with Queen Rania Academy in several projects with the aim of establishing a photography studio and training the faculty members on how to design an educational content.

Cooperation with the “Kiron” Foundation with the aim of training university teachers on e-learning and it’s design methods.

Cooperation with the “Coursera” platform in order to provide an educational license that helps students and teachers to develop many skills in various educational aspects.


  • Nayef Abu-Ageel

  • Mai Hijzi

  • Moath Malkawi