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The Center for professional Development and Community Outreach positions itself as a leader in the development and implementation of high-quality programmes that connect HTU with the local, regional, and global communities.

The Center's programs continue on meeting the needs of employers while also providing youth with the skills and opportunities needed in order to succeed in the labor market.


  • Maintaining regular contact with companies and institutions to learn about the market knowledge and skill demands.
  • Designing and implementing upskilling and professional development and diploma programs with the goal of filling the gap in current and future skills.
  • Improving technical skills and confidence in life skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem solving.
  • Providing consultations, studies, and services to the public and private sectors.


To be a center of excellence in the design and implementation of quality programmes that link HTU to the global and local community (Governmental and no governmental) by providing youth and professionals with the skills needed and consultation to success in the market.

Professional Development Programmes:

Professional Diploma in Quantity Survey and Construction Management
Training and qualification program for communications and information technology skills
Customer Service Professional Development
Career development program in modern programming in the language of "Mendix" for the Public Tax Department
Soft skills
English language for workplace

Jordanian university graduates received qualification programs held in collaboration with government institutions and local and international private sector companies.
Qualification programs designed and delivered to meet the skills needed for the work force.
Custom and executive employee career development programs designed and delivered to companies and organizations.
Partner relationships to extend programs to qualified learners in Jordan.


  • Alaa Abdullah

  • Shatha Al-Azab

  • Batool Ghanem

  • Dima Bilto

  • Bayan AlRaqqad