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Architectural Engineering

Architecture is mainly related to the processes of architectural design and construction of buildings of all kinds and various planning patterns, up to the operation and maintenance phases, taking into consideration the factors affecting the design process such as aesthetic values, functional, economic, social, technical, cultural, and environmental aspects, focusing on the knowledge and technical skills and competencies required for the labor market.

Our program in Architectural Engineering has been developed with special attention to widen the student’s access to higher education, enhance their career prospects, and empower them to follow their own entrepreneurial ventures. Course qualifications are built to develop students both technically and personally, allowing students to compete locally and globally for a range of careers in Architectural Engineering; such as Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Technically, the Program aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve high performance in the construction and built environment engineering, and with focus on contemporary issues facing the construction industry and society; with particular emphasis on sustainability and the environment.


Technical Certificate


Technical Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Jude Al-Khasawneh

  • Dr. Yasser Al-Rajjal

  • Dr. Anna Kadryashiva

  • Arch. Reem Al-Abbasi

  • Arch. Marah Abu Saleh

  • Arch. Yara Al-Manaseer

  • Arch. Rawan Al-Ayasrah

  • Arch. Mazen Salameh

  • Arch. Tala Damrah