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The Industrial Partnership Office is mainly concerned with managing the job training process at Al-Hussein Technical University, which is considered a major component of the study plans in all study programs offered by the university. Where Students undergo job training for eight months in distinct entities representing the sectors of industry, business, and technology, which are approved by the concerned colleges, where job training aims to prepare the students for the labor market and give him an opportunity to become familiar with many practical aspects of engineering projects. It also gives companies the opportunity to employ qualified students who are fully familiar with the work system and the practical experiences necessary for the newly graduated engineer.

The training experience at HTU simulates what the student will go through after graduation, starting with progress and competition for training opportunities, getting to know the work environment, in addition to gaining practical experiences that enhance what has been studied during the academic stage. Students are closely followed up during the training period by the university so that a training plan is prepared for each student in cooperation between the academic supervisor and the supervisor in the workplace in line with achieving the desired competencies of the training period, and the academic supervisor follows up the student to ensure the implementation of the training plan according to what was agreed on.

Upon the end of the training period, the trainee shall be subject to the final evaluation process, which includes a professional discussion of the tasks undertaken by the student with a committee composed of faculty members, student training supervisors and representatives from the industry, business, and technology sectors.

In 2019, the job training program was launched at the university under the auspices of the Minister of Labor and in the presence of representatives from the British Council and the industry, business, and technology sectors, under the name (PATH), which constitutes a reference document that defines the job training process and related procedures, and the authorities responsible for each stage of it.

In addition to the role of the office in managing the job training process, it has a major role in securing job opportunities for graduates through:

Organizing career days at the university.

Building partnerships and relationships with the sectors of industry, business, and technology in the private and public sectors, through meaningful agreements that guarantee success for both parties.


  • Dr. Abdallah Abdallah

    Assistant to the President for Industrial Partnership

  • Eng. Abeer Al-Jbour

  • Eng. Ahmad Ayesh

  • Eng. Emad Al-Ananzeh