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The Finance Department plays an important role in providing financial services to the University, as it is responsible for effective financial management and ensuring that the University's financial position remains healthy and sustainable. The Finance Department works with other units and departments in order to achieve the university's vision and mission of providing high-quality applied education.

Our role is to ensure the quality of financial services and maintain full oversight of the University's financial resources, ensuring that financial funding is available to manage the strategic growth of the University without excessive debt or obligations. And we take a collective responsibility in planning through coordination with units and administrative departments, schools, and university centers in preparing the annual budget for the university according to priorities, requirements and needs.

While our responsibilities are to prepare accurate and up-to-date management financial reports that reflect net income, dues, expenses incurred, and obligations in a timely manner every month and at the end of the year to increase the transparency of the income generated and the total costs of activities in the university in order to assist senior management to take appropriate decisions.

And from a strategic perspective, the Finance Department is responsible for maintaining and strengthening the University's financial control environment, including managing financial risks, developing a culture of customer service, and continually improving financial advice methods.


  • Bilal Abdin

  • Omar Al-Hiyari

  • Alaa Qudah

  • Anan Ibrahim