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The Marketing and Public Relations Department is working to implement the university's marketing and media goals, which aligns with the university's vision and objectives, by strengthening the university's position as an ideal model for technical education and as a leading educational institution in the field of creativity, innovation, and job creation.

The department has worked on developing the university’s marketing and media plans and programs and implementing them through its multiple channels, both traditional and non-traditional. The department is also working on developing the technological aspect of marketing the university and promoting its programs through digital marketing and social media platforms. The department also participates in various educational exhibitions, coordinating field visits to schools and local community organizations to introduce and promote the university.

The department also supervises the design and drafting of the university’s advertising and promotional materials, and the design and implementation of advertising and promotional campaigns aimed at introducing the university and its programs. In the official print and digital newspapers, radio and television stations, the department also manages and supervises the university's social media platforms in various applications.

The department also supervises public relations activities by hosting official and unofficial delegations and visiting dignitaries (VIP visitors), and it supervises the university's website and updates its data, including pictures, news, and activities.



  • Asem Daboobi

  • Hala Barjakly

  • Lujain Qudah