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Department of Social Science

The Department of Social Sciences contributes to students’ personal development in order to prepare them for productive and responsible participation in civic life. Broadening and deepening students’ perspectives, the department introduces economic, social, cultural and political aspects of the world that prepare students for their role in advancing society.

Comprised of a faculty of accomplished scholars, Social Sciences offers an array of courses, covering topics on civilization, history of science and art, anthropology and human rights, and civic and professional culture. The department is concerned with developing the basic personal skills that are necessary for students to lead a successful and professional, while focusing on professional practices and job readiness for the labor market. It prepares students to be capable professional planners and to make savvy career decisions.

Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Bassam Al-Btoush

  • Gida Hamam

  • Areej Abu Qudairi