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Department of Leadership and Management

The Department of Leadership and Management provides students with the administrative skills and experience necessary to succeed in a business environment. The department offers a set of required electives, such as principles of accounting, principles of economics and principles of management, in addition to holding training camps targeted on entrepreneurship and leadership, which support the mission of the School of Social and Basic Sciences to enhance entrepreneurship skills through the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp.

This academic experiential journey awakens an entrepreneurial mindset and lays the foundation for students’ skills in entrepreneurship. The program leads students through a guided framework of how to turn an idea into a business. They learn a new set of tools which they can use to apply various business models, investigate market needs, and build a startup.

SSBS believes that developing leadership skills in Jordanian youth is vital and essential for active citizenship. The leadership camp kindles students’ leadership skills and enhances the values ​​of their community. It teaches students the art of leadership through physical experiences and intensive exercises, in addition to field training. Leadership and Management is comprised of professionally qualified lecturers who specialize in the field of industry, business and academic work.

Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Talah Arabiat

    Associate Professor

  • Rami Alkarmi

    Professor of Practice

  • Dr. Yazan Hijazi

  • Dr. Ibtisam Al-Ayoube

  • Eng. Bassam Al-Hunaidi


  • Asmaa Al-Kayali