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Department of Basic Science

The Basic Sciences department prepares students to develop their skills in mathematics and physics through the courses of Functional Math and Functional Physics. In coordination with the various academic departments throughout the university, the department meets the needs of students by continually reviewing the skills and concepts required for them to be successful in more advanced courses and academic specializations.

Thus, a new curriculum for Functional Mathematics was developed by a committee consisting of faculty from across the academic departments. The new curriculum will be initiated at the beginning of the 2021/2022 academic year; and, the department is completing the same exercise for Functional Physics. Basic Sciences organizes and participates in a number of competitions in mathematics and physics at both the local and international levels, in order to provide the greatest possible opportunity to expose HTU students to exchange experiences with their peers in the Arab world and around the globe.

Among the most significant achievements of the department during the 2020/2021 academic year:

Developing the curriculum and teaching tools to raise students’ skills and abilities in Basic Sciences
Attracting the best Jordanian talent to be part of the teaching staff
Organizing regular discussions about special international scientific projects, for students and interested community members, for the benefit of all to gain insight into advances in the field. For example, on 6/8/2021, Basic Sciences hosted a talk by NASA engineer Louay El-Bassiouni about his experience with the team that succeeded in the first flight experiment on Mars.

Our Faculty Members

  • Dr. Morad Hamad

    Assistant Professor

  • Radwan Smadi