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Welcome to The Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation which was established at Al Hussein Technical University in 2021, since that period of time in the age of the University required organizing and encouraging research and innovation through a central unit that supports the faculties and centres to carry out this mission. Scientific research and innovation, especially the applied ones, are an essential part of the University's mission and goals. The focus is on applied research, linking it to innovation and leadership, and directing it in a manner that strengthens partnership with industry, provides practical solutions, and integrates students into it through projects.

The Deanship also encourages new ideas and inventions that have a significant and tangible benefit to the industrial and economic sectors by thinking outside the box. In order to reach the creative research stages, it is necessary to understand the required needs of the different authorities, in addition to building the necessary knowledge of the inventions, technologies and ideas that exist locally and globally.

The Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation provides financial, moral and human support to the family of Al Hussein Technical University, including faculty, administrative staff, and students, to carry out scientific research that benefits the local, regional and global community. The Deanship follows up the activities of researchers at the University, directs and encourages them to build on their ideas, activities and projects that are deep-rooted in most of the teaching courses to reach practical solutions and innovations to the problems and obstacles that exist in factories, companies and society. The Deanship focuses on applied research of tangible benefit, which includes a combination of faculty members, students, and factories/companies/governmental sectors, due to the importance of cooperation to reach the desired results.

Al Hussein Technical University includes a staff with high academic, research and applied experience, which supports the research and innovation process and prepares students with high practical skills to make inventions and solutions for different parties. For these reasons, the Deanship searches for and receives problems that need appropriate solutions from factories, companies and society locally, regionally and globally.

The Deanship assists researchers in publishing their research in International refereed and indexed journals and supports publishing and translating books, and registering patents. The Deanship of Scientific Research and Innovation encourages the University staff to attend local, regional and global scientific conferences, and provides financial incentives for high-level research work, in addition to supporting the holding of workshops, specialized seminars and various scientific conferences in the University.


  • Prof. Moh'd Sami Ashhab