The Admission and Registration Department is the backbone of the university and students, upon admission it provides relevant services that offer guidance and counseling to learners in terms of their courses, specialization, registration procedures, grades and future career paths. Students are admitted with integrity onto the correct programme and level, thus to pursue a carefully designed progression route (study plan) within the framework of the qualification chosen.
This department helps support students with registration procedures and issues from day one of their registration until graduation. The department makes sure that all applicants receive relevant information and advice about the qualifications and Ministry of Higher Education admission procedures and conditions.
Using the latest technology, and with its operations fully automated using a shared database with other HTU departments, the Admission and Registration Department is able to provide high-quality services for students and to the community.


-Carrying out regulations pertaining to admission, reception, registration of students transfers from other universities following MOE equivalency requirements.
- Monitor students Registration of courses in collaboration with the academic advisors, at the beginning of each academic semester.
- Following up on various students’ issues, such as withdrawing from courses or transferring to different programs.
- Providing students with necessary official documents both in English and Arabic.
- Providing various academy departments with essential information relevant to students and courses, such as reports, statistics and schedules.
- Checking graduates’ documents in terms of authenticity and fulfillment of requirements, and Issuing graduation documents, such as certificates and transcripts.
- Receiving transferred students’ transcripts and following up on their issues with various department to approve the equivalency of courses. Recognition of prior Learning (RPL). Pearson requirement.
- Aligning with other departments in the preparation of the Annual Academic Calendar.
- It is the Department’s responsibility to act as the “International Examination Officer” Edexcel Online (EOL). This involves a series of procedures related to student data, pursued qualifications, uploading of grades and claiming of Certification (HND). Pearson requirement.
- The Department strictly adheres to all Quality Assurance policies pertaining to, re-submissions, repeating of units, grading, and appeals. Pearson requirement.