Deanship of Students Affairs

The Deanship of Students Affairs (DSA) supports students in pursuit of their educational goals. We work with students to enrich their experience and prepare them to act as responsible citizens while fostering their intellectual, professional, and personal character. The DSA provides student-centered activities, programs, and services; supports civic engagement; develops students’ leadership competencies; and promotes ethical values and moral awareness. Central to our success is a commitment to cultivating deep, meaningful experiences and one-to-one relationships with our students. We build and maintain collaborative connections throughout HTU to serve the needs of our student body. Our efforts aim to develop an integrated community among students, faculty, and staff that is conducive to meaningful interactions.

The DSA offers advice and guidance to facilitate academic success and promotes programs and activities that comprise student life at HTU. We strive to make students aware of their rights and responsibilities and help students coordinate the varied aspects of student life at HTU, including student development, health services, advising, civic engagement, and academic affairs. In addition, the DSA monitors and enforces the Student Code of Conduct, enacts policies related to student clubs and organizations, coordinates new student orientation, and oversees financial aid. Further, the DSA provides paid employment opportunities, through which we aim to enhance students’ welfare and performance.

The DSA seeks to help students realize their abilities, achieve their full potential, and make sound independent decisions. The DSA recognizes that students sometimes require additional assistance in addressing personal, social, or academic issues; thus, we seek to help students solve such problems. The DSA serves as a sounding board for students’ concerns and meets with students regularly for mentorship.



The DSA advances HTU’s mission and core values by providing student-centered services and co-curricular activities. We are focused on promoting holistic student experiences, challenging students to reach their full potential, and enabling them to become actively engaged in their local community.



The DSA seeks to inspire and support students to engage in a transformative university experience that nurtures their perception of self, our local community, and the larger global milieu.



  • Uphold and Promote Responsive Citizenship and Responsible Leadership

Leadership at HTU includes the ability to demonstrate dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the university and our larger community. Our students are expected to be aware of the manner in which they may be privileged through education. They learn early on that leadership encompasses the inclination to serve others and reach out to every member of our community.

  • Cultivate a Culture of Accountability, Diligence, and Academic Achievement

Our students are supported with resources to develop intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Students are empowered to build their capacity to make positive changes, advocate for themselves, consider their life and career objectives, and seek these goals efficiently.

  • Create a Culture of Honesty, Ethical Morality, and Trustworthiness

Our students are empowered to frame their endeavors as contributing to a greater purpose. This foundation includes the capacity to express their convictions and apply them to moral, ethical, and just life choices, including upholding moral ground and practices in their work and relationships.

  • Honor Compassion and Respect Dignity of All Humanity

Our students learn to collaborate with individuals from different backgrounds to build their community. Our students understand the necessity of respecting and creating a welcoming and safe space for all marginalized groups and individuals. Our students are encouraged to help cultivate a diverse and socially mindful learning community.



The DSA assumes a degree of responsibility for students’ advancement and provides diverse cultural, social, and community engagement opportunities to facilitate student development. Programs and activities offered by the DSA complement the holistic nature of HTU education. The DSA is primarily responsible for fostering students’ character development and personal growth by providing a vibrant and distinctive HTU experience. Student clubs are run by students and supported by HTU.

  • HTU Model United Nations Club
  • Sports Club
  • Pure Blue Club
  • Community Service Club
  • Why Logic? Club
  • Eqraa’ Book Club
  • ProGaming Club
  • Chess Club
  • Foreign Language Club
  • Film Club


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