Strategic Goals

The strategy of HTU is to create an internationally competitive higher education institution, modeled after a premier and innovative-style advanced technical university. HTU serves as a bridge between higher education and industry, providing opportunities to students to be highly immersed in the technical pursuit of the practical world. Since its establishment, HTU has been contributing to the development of a skilled workforce and innovation capabilities In addition to a strong focus on workforce requirements, entrepreneurship and innovation, critical thinking and practical orientation.

As a premier and coherent university integrating the public and private sectors, HTU leads to meaningful employment opportunities for its graduates and contributes to the innovation development needs of Jordan and the region at large. The focus of HTU is STEM education at the vocational and undergraduate levels, filling a niche that has long been neglected by the Jordanian higher education sector.


HTU Unique Features:

o Labor market-driven curriculum

o Unique degree structure

o STEM-based education

o Vibrant campus and outstanding location in the heart of Amman’s business hub

   (King Hussein Business Park)

o National and International accreditation

o Study abroad options in France, USA, and UK

o Applied entrepreneurship training

o State of the art laboratories

o English-speaking campus and curriculum

o Emphasis on employability and leadership skills

o Competitive and transparent admission policy based on grades and selection interview


Partnership with Industry

Close partnerships with the technical industry are integral to every component of HTU. HTU cultivates strong relationships with local, regional, and international technical industry partners. Industry leaders are invited to contribute to the development of its educational programs to ensure that students remain current with rapidly changing technical and scientific innovations. Such relationships also allow HTU to continually contribute to the needs of the industry. These relationships give HTU students an unmatched opportunity in both their current education and their future employment opportunities.


Community Engagement

In addition to its degree programs, HTU offers skill development courses for members of the community who have completed their education but remain unemployed. These courses vary in length and focus, but are typically between 3 to 6 months and offer participants a chance to refine their skills to increase employability in the technical fields. Courses include English proficiency, leadership development, and technical upskilling.

Another important initiative at HTU is the Labs at Schools program. Through Labs at Schools, HTU faculty, staff, and students are able to bring lab-based curriculum to schools in remote areas of Jordan. This program allows HTU to demonstrate its commitment to its mission of advocating for STEM education by giving school children the opportunity to access its labs and learn from its faculty.