School of Social and Basics Sciences

Description and Purpose

  • Technical skills alone are no longer enough or a guarantee to securing jobs after college graduation or to leading successful careers. The challenge before higher education institutions today is to assure that the student college experience also includes vital non-technical skills in the form of a foreign language, employability soft skills, and entrepreneurial abilities on top of their technical competencies. All such skills are teachable and highly sought after by leading global and local employers.
  • The promise of HTU education is to prepare well-rounded, inquisitive, and innovative graduates to better Jordan and the world.
  • The promise is delivered by offering high quality technical and applied education as well as non-technical skill building  courses and programs.


School Status and Offered Courses

  • The School of Social and Basic Sciences is a non-degree offering school
  • The school is responsible for the foundational courses at HTU, including:
    • English Language Program
    • French Language Program
    • Foundational STEM Program
    • Soft Skills Program
    • Science, Philosophy, and Society Seminars
    • Entrepreneurship  Program (8-Week Bootcamp)
    • Business Program