Hussein Technical University (The Crown Prince’s University)

- Established by The Crown Prince Foundation


What programs and specializations does the University offer?

  • Bachelor Degree Level
  • Intermediate University Level (Technical Engineer)
  • Technical Degree level

      In the following majors:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Information Sciences


- Is the university private or public?

The university is a private, non-profit institution


- Are the degrees locally and internationally recognized?

Yes, the degrees are recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education, and the Jordanian Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission for Higher Education Institutions.  Our  degrees are also recognized by the Jordanian Engineers Association and Pearson Education.


- What are the required prerequisites?

- Prospective students must have a passing grade in the Jordanian National Secondary Education, or any equivalent degree (IB, IG).   

- The university only accepts Tawjihi students from the following streams: scientific, vocational and Information Technology.


- Is the university part of the unified system of acceptance?

No, prospective students must apply to the university directly. After the application is processed the student will be notified of the outcome.


- What is special about the university?

1. The university’s location is excellent. It is inside the King Hussein Business Park, which is a vibrant atmosphere surrounded by more than fifty international and local companies in the field of communication and information technology. It also contains several other facilities such as restaurants and a gymnasium.                           

2. The university has a dynamic and developed study plan for all degree levels, which meets the current demands of the job market.         

3. It is the only Jordanian university where it is possible for a student to proceed from an intermediate university level degree to a bachelor degree, given that the student meets certain academic conditions set by the university.  

4. All subjects are taught in English.

6. The university focuses on personal and vocational skills, as a main aspect of the curriculum.

7. The university contains state of the art laboratories and engineering workshops (such as the KADDB laboratory for Virtual Reality, The intelligent design laboratory, The HUAWEI laboratory and The Zain laboratory)

8. The university has an academic staff with practical experience in the industrial sector.  

9. Students can continue their education in the United Kingdom and France.

10. A Hussein Technical University student will undergo an 8-month training (one academic year) under the supervision and guidance of the university and the company/factory. Through this training, the student will also undergo intensive courses in leadership with The University of Amsterdam’s Business School.

The university has a flexible education system, where students may leave their studies and  enter the job market at any point during the course of their studies.

11. The university focuses on serving the local community through up skilling programs that provide specialized courses for Jordanian university students and fresh graduates. These courses rehabilitate the students and focus on theoretical, practical and life skills. The courses are conducted in English, in cooperation with the private sector.


- How do I contact the university?

You can contact the university through:


- Where is the university located?

The university is located in Amman, inside the King Hussein Business Park, building number 23.


- Is there a unified examination, similar to a college system?

No, there is no unified examination. Instead, there is a follow-up system in place for all degree levels. This system involves academic conditions which will be set by the university.


- Will the students have job opportunities?

The university’s educational model caters to the current demands of the job market, and focuses on finding job opportunities for the students, as well as connecting them with local and international companies and factories.


- What is the cost of an academic hour?

- All bachelor level majors: 60 Jordanian Dinars per hour during the first academic year. 100 Jordanian dinars for all following academic years.

- All intermediate university level majors: 60 Jordanian Dinars per hour for each academic year.


Are there any companies inside the university?

Yes, there are contractual agreements between the university and several local and international companies, such as Zain, Orange, Huawei, King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau – KADDB, The French Technological Institute (IUT), Jordan Aircraft Maintenance Limited (Joramco), USAID, EDAMA, Intaj.


Is there a partnership between the university and the industrial sector?

Yes, there is a connecting office between the industrial sector and the IT sector.