Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence (CIEE)

HTU Pillar IV


Welcome to the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Excellence (CIEE) at HTU. Core to HTU’s mission is supporting Jordan’s strategic agenda of fostering an innovation and entrepreneurial economy through world class applied technical education and STEM-driven innovative and entrepreneurial ventures. 


The center comes to address real needs within the ecosystem by delivering cutting edge education, in-kind services and capacity building to its students and relevant stakeholders.  


Mindset & Approach

The center’s activities are driven and informed by the following mindsets:


  • Design Driven: We believe that design is an empathy-based activity that centers on real human needs. As such the design of our programs and activities adopts a Human-Centered-Design approach that starts with empathy, and aims to deliver value adding transformative experiences to our stakeholders and beneficiaries through radical collaboration, open innovation and inclusion.


  • Impact Driven: We believe that impact means jobs created and real economic value added. Our approach starts with this end in mind and then works backward to design impact driven solutions and services that deliver real value that is sustainable and socially equitable. Long term monitoring and evaluation is integrated within all our programs.


  • Lean & Agile: We believe that in order to maintain relevance and excellence it is essential that our approach is iterative, lean and agile. This ensures our ability to continually adapt and evolve to the changing needs of our stakeholders and the surrounding ecosystem.


  • Delivering Excellence: We believe that extraordinary results require extraordinary vision and leadership. Innovation in our view is as much about transformative leadership as it is about entrepreneurial agility. As such our approach supports programs, initiatives and innovative solutions that are socially equitable, economically viable and environmentally mindful.


Strategic Focus

The center’s current activities focus on the following key areas:


  • ProgrammaticContent & Delivery: Delivering world-class content in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Design Thinking.


  • Startup Pipeline: We welcome all technologically driven innovative startups and entrepreneurs, and have a bias towards entities that have viable proof-of-concept, and that include hardware and software components. The center has already incubated five entities, and is working on streamlining the pipeline and providing the necessary support services, mentoring and strategic direction that would enable startups to reach farther, faster, and with less effort.


  • Innovation & Entrepreneurial Bootcamps: Our bootcamps target different stakeholders and cover relevant topics such as Leadership, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Design Thinking and fast prototyping. We have completed our first 5-week intensive Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) bootcamp to great success in May 2018. We are currently designing the next iteration of our flagship I&E Bootcamp.


  • Internationalization: We are actively developing our international ties and collaborations to ensure that our offering is globally competitive, our students have enriching opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges, and our startups have viable pathways towards internationalization and scaling. Entities we are speaking to and collaborating with include: MIT, University of Amsterdam, EAL institute in Denmark and several others.


Advisory Board

The center’s advisory board is comprised of 13 high-caliber individuals representing multiple cross-sector stakeholders. The advisory board helps the center in steering efforts towards areas of highest impact, provides input on relevance of proposed programs, and extends the center’s network and reach. 


Stay Tuned

We are currently working hard to roll out new programs and initiatives, so stay tuned.